African Arts and crafts are usually designed to tell a story- including wall hangings and paintings etc. The pictures are influenced by the tribe of the artists. They have powerful emotional content and are usually self explanatory.


Africanaís selection of fashion accessories are influenced by families of the manufacturer of these products. Almost all our accessories represent something within the community. They also have meanings or they tell a story about ancestors or about everyday life issues.


Most traditional African clothing are designed distinctively with a matching head wrap (for women) and a hat (for men). Today it serves similar function in style for the African American community. The head wrap did not just represent a piece of fabric wrapped around the head, it also symbolized the wearerís status within the black community. Thus, the clothing usually comes by set of two piece or three piece-(with head wrap included. The intelligent artists are gradually changing designs. The designers have modified their embroidery to suit the taste of their customers. The designs are made from fabrics like wax prints, batik, tie dyes, linen, mud cloth etc. Most of the designs are made to fit different body sizes. The designers finish the clothing with simple unique embroidery, or detailed and complex designs for traditional and cultural purposes. In Africa, designing is a way of expressing oneís mind and emotions.


Our jewelry are usually made from beads, Shells, wood, banana leaves etc. They are worn both for fashion and emotional expression. Some of the designs are unique and one of a kind.


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