When I came to the United States of America, I continued the family’s cultural tradition by opening a shop- Africana Arts and crafts in a mall in Somerville. This is because I have always been proud of my heritage and wanted to expose the rich culture to the whole world.

The business is located in an ethnically diverse neighborhood and proud of our heritage. I was brought up to believe that our culture determines we are, and it is the fabric of our lives. In the process, I offer the best of Africa and share in its rich heritage with my customers.

We offer for sale the following unique products by categories. They are Clothing, Wood Sculptures, Jewelry, Accessories and Wall Hangings etc. We work with reliable manufacturers from different tribes in the continent. They include Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi. They are skilled artist who generally work in small home-based workshops.

Africa is best known for its tradition and vibrant colors and most of the products are unique and very attractive. Please feel free to follow our products for gift ideas and personal use. We hope that you will enjoy this website.